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Tours to See Peru Wildlife

Tour group The tours listed here focus specifically on wildlife viewing. These tour companies tend to specialize in wildlife and ecotourism. The information provided here may have changed since we published it. Please visit the website of the tour company to get accurate up-to-date information.

Tour Companies

CompanyTour Name/LocationsWildlifeLink
Birding in Peru All over Peru
(This is the birding arm of Manu Expeditions)
Eagle-Eye Tours Northern Peru
Iquitos, Bosque de Pomac, Chaparri Reserve, Abra Patricia, Allpahuayo-Mishana Reserve
Southern Peru
Manu, Abra Malaga, Lomas de Lachay and Paraiso
Field Guides Manu, Tambopata, Abra Patricia, Abra Malaga, High Andes, Iquitos, Birds, Mammals 
Kolibri Expeditions All over Peru Birds 
Margarita Tours Iquitos Reptiles, Amphibians, Photography 
Naturetrek Las Piedras, Northern Peru
Amazon Rainforest Conservation Center, Southeastern Peru, Tambopata, Paracas
Mammals, Birds 
Tamandua Rainforest Expeditions Tambopata Wildlife, Conservation 
Tanager Tours Custom tours
Birds - Andean Condor, endemics 

Tour Articles

  • Choosing a Birding Tour - Outlines some important criteria to help you compare different tours. 


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