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Manu waterfalls Manu Biosphere Reserve


  • Sympatric White-lipped Peccary and Collared Peccary by Dr. Paul D. Haemig, 2005. 
  • Mammals Survey At Tambopata Research Center by Cesar F. Ascorra1 and Gabriela Orihuela V. Study conducted in 1995. 


  • Drawing of the new species of Twistwing (Cnipodectes) discovered recently. 


  • Lizards from the Paracas National Reserve by Alessandro Catenazzi. Great photographs. 
  • Road Cruising in the Amazon by Matt Russell, Reptiles magazine, March 2001. Good photographs of snakes. 
  • A Look at Caiman Lizards. (Dracaena guianensis & Dracaena paraguayensis) by Matt Russell, Reptiles magazine, Oct. 2000. 
  • Aquatic Turtles of the Upper Amazon, Iquitos, Peru by Matt Russell, Mar. 1999. 
  • A Checklist With Common Names Of The Reptiles Of The Peruvian Lower Amazon by William W. Lamar, 1998. 
  • Amphibian & Reptile Species Of San Martin, North East Peru by Rainer Schulte, 1999. 
  • Herps of Manu National Park, by K. Svara and J.C. Chaparro. Photographs of lizards and snakes. 


  • New Treefrog Found at Wayquechas Research Station - Hyla antoniiochoai by Juan Carlos Chaparro. A second specimen was found in 2006, confirming the existence of the new species. 


  • Mapping of endemic species in the Andes-Amazon region of Peru - birds, mammals, amphibians and plants. Detailed lists and maps. 
  • Rapid Biological Inventory at Zona Reservada Megantoni by The Field Museum, April 25-May 13, 2004. The team found 12 herp species new to science - 7 amphibians, 4 lizards, and 1 snake. Detailed reports can be downloaded. 
  • Rapid Biological Inventory in Northeastern Peru by The Field Museum, 3-21 August 2003. Lowland forests in the broad interfluvium between the Amazon and Putumayo rivers were surveyed. Detailed reports can be downloaded. 
  • Tourism Development and the Status of Neotropical Lowland Wildlife in Tambopata, South-eastern Peru: Recommendations for Tourism and Conservation. 1998. 
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