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Amphibians of Peru

Amazon Milk Frog
Amazon Milk Frog - Trachycephalus venulosus

Nobles Pygmy Frog
Nobles Pygmy Frog - Noblella pygmaea by Alessandro Catenazzi

Hyla antoniiochoai
New frog species - Hyla antoniiochoai


There are about 380 species of frogs in Peru (based on this search at the Amphibian Species of the World website). It is easy to see a few species on night hikes in the lowland rain forest areas in Tambopata, Manu or Iquitos. 10 new frog species have been discovered over the past 2 years in the cloud forests of the Peruvian Andes.

  • Some nice photos of frogs in Acjanaco, Upper Manu area by Alessandro Catenazzi. 
  • Frog photographs from the Iquitos region by Devin Edmonds. 
Some frog species:


  1. Nauta Mushroomtongue Salamander - Bolitoglossa altamazonica
  2. Rio Santa Rosa Salamander - Bolitoglossa digitigrada
  3. Peru Mushroomtongue Salamander - Bolitoglossa peruviana


    Family Caeciliaidae
  1. Caecilia disossea
  2. Caecilia gracilis
  3. Caecilia tentaculata
  4. Oscaecilia bassleri
  5. Oscaecilia koepckeorum
  6. Siphonops annulatus


Frogs of Tambopata, Peru (CD)

Amphibian Articles

  • Pygmy frog (Nobles Pygmy Frog) discovered in Peru, by Edgar Lehr and Alessandro Catenazzi, March 2009.  ...link1   ...link2 
  • New Treefrog Found at Wayquechas Research Station - Hyla antoniiochoai by Juan Carlos Chaparro. A second specimen was found in 2006, confirming the existence of the new species. 
  • Checklist of the Amphibians Inhabiting the Iquitos Region, Loreto, Peru by William W. Lamar, 1998. It includes 165 species of frogs, 4 salamanders and 17 caecilians. 
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