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Peru Wildlife Related Links


Regional Information

  • Tropical Andes - Biodiversity Hotspot from Conservation International. This region spans 1,542,644 km², from western Venezuela to northern Chile and Argentina, and includes large portions of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. 
  • Peruvian Yungas - WWF Ecoregion profile. 
  • List of endemic bird areas in Peru from Birdlife International. 

Wildlife and Ecology

  • Leaving passages for wildlife where the Interoceanic Highway will cross the Vilcabamba Amboro-Corridor, Southeastern Peru by Renata Leite Pitman. 
  • Mammals, Birds and Parasites over an Elevational Gradient in Southeastern Peru - a project report from the Field Museum. 
  • Mapping Ecological Systems and Areas of Endemism for Conservation Planning in the Upper Amazon Watershed of Peru and Bolivia - NatureServe Project 
  • The Andes-Amazon Bibliographic Search Engine is a searchable index of articles related to the biology and conservation of the Peruvian department of Madre de Dios. This list of 2,225 references dating from 1567 to 2005 was compiled by the Amazon Conservation Association. 
  • Peru page from Contains numerous links to articles and websites about the Peruvian rainforest. 
  • NASA Landsat Pathfinder Humid Tropical Deforestation Project. Maps and data. 
  • Tropical Rainforest Primer by Joy Schochet. 
  • The Wilderness Classroom - Project Peru 2; virtual field trip for school children with daily updates. 
  • Conservationists Risk Their Lives for Peru's Highland Headwaters 

Travel and Ecotourism

  • A huge collection of useful Peru links on the Bird Studies Canada website. 
  • Andean Travel Web 
  • Integrating Biodiversity into the Tourism Sector - Peru Country Case Study by Joaquín Ugarte And Lizzie Pacheco 
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