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Peru Overview

Peru map


Peru is located on the west coast of South America. It is bordered by Ecuador in the north, Colombia to the northeast, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast and Chile to the South. Peru can be broadly divided into 3 geographical regions: the Coast, the Andes mountains and the Amazon rain forest.


Scientists from the World Wildlife Fund have defined a set of worldwide ecoregions. The following regions cover parts of Peru (but may extend to other nearby countries):

  • Northern Andean Montane Forests
  • Napo Moist Forests
  • Río Negro-Juruá Moist Forests
  • Central Andean Yungas
  • Southwestern Amazonian Moist Forests
  • Tumbesian-Andean Valleys Dry Forests
  • Northern Andean Paramo
  • Central Andean Dry Puna
  • Atacama-Sechura Deserts
  • Panama Bight Mangroves
  • Amazon River and Flooded Forests
  • Upper Amazon Rivers and Streams
  • High Andean Lakes
  • Humboldt Current

Peru from Space

Peru from space

Photo courtesy of Visible Earth, NASA.

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